Congress and the Constitution

Congress in the 20th and 21st Centuries

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Following the Civil War, the United States would established itself as a world economic power. The promises of freedom and opportunity offered by the United States would attarct many immigrants to the country. These demographic and economic  changes created social pressure which lead progressive reformers to advocate for changes to government. During this period, Congress would passed various reform laws, including  Constitutional amendments which would fundamentally alter the functioning of Congress. Additonally, Congressional rules would change in such a way that would change the internal working of Congress. This lesson examns this period of congressional history and the impact of these reforms on the legislative process.

Founding Principles

Civic Virtue image

Civic Virtue

A set of actions and habits necessary for the safe, effective, and mutually beneficial participation in a society.

Civil Discourse image

Civil Discourse

Reasoned and respectful sharing of ideas between individuals is the primary way people influence change in society/government, and is essential to maintain self-government.

Consent of the Governed image

Consent of the Governed

The government's power is only justified when its power comes from the will or approval of the people.

Limited Government image

Limited Government

Citizens are best able to pursue happiness when government is confined to those powers which protect their life, liberty, and property.

Representative / Republican Government image

Representative / Republican Government

Form of government in which the people are sovereign (the ultimate source of power) and authorize representatives to make and carry out laws.

Separation of Powers image

Separation of Powers

A system of distinct powers built into the Constitution to prevent an accumulation of power in one branch.

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