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Want to learn more about or get involved with the Bill of Rights Institute?  The Institute offers fantastic opportunities for educators to receive:
• In-Person Professional Development at our Constitutional Seminars
• Summer Enrichment with our Founders Fellowship program
• Information on our vast portfolio of print and digital resources
• Student engagement opportunities
• Sponsorship for Constitution Connection events in your classroom, including debates, study sessions, and more!
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Exclusive Bill of Rights Institute Updates - Subscribe Now!

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Like what you see here? Check out the Bill of Rights Institute and our other fantastic resources! Explore our main website, where you’ll find current events, primary source resources, and opportunities for professional development and student engagement. Want to examine a comprehensive digital course in history, government, and economics? Documents of Freedom was designed with you in mind. Interested in staying up to date on the latest and greatest resources we provide? Be sure to sign up for our newsletters!

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