Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Immigration in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Clock 120 minutes

This lesson explores immigration during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.  Students will explore the causes of immigration to the United States, the effects of immigration on American society, the experience of immigrants and reaction of Americans to immigrants.  The lesson includes a historical narrative, primary sources, and student activities.  Students will better understand the debate over immigration in American history and today.

Founding Principles

Equality image


Every individual is equal to every other person in regards to natural rights and treatment before the law.

Limited Government image

Limited Government

Citizens are best able to pursue happiness when government is confined to those powers which protect their life, liberty, and property.

Rule of Law image

Rule of Law

Government and citizens all abide by the same laws regardless of political power. Those laws respect individual rights, are transparently enacted, are justly applied, and are stable.

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