Immigration and Citizenship

The Modern Debate on Immigration

In this lesson, students will prepare and present their own plan for dealing with immigration in the United States. They will engage first-hand with the modern day debate on immigration and wrestle with the consequences of the different proposals. In doing so, they will refine their research, writing, and presentations skills as well as gaining an understanding of how to engage with civility in a discussion about a sensitive topic.

Founding Principles

Civic Virtue image

Civic Virtue

A set of actions and habits necessary for the safe, effective, and mutually beneficial participation in a society.

Inalienable / Natural Rights image

Inalienable / Natural Rights

Freedoms which belong to us by nature and can only be justly taken away through due process.

Individual Responsibility image

Individual Responsibility

Individuals must take care of themselves and their families and be vigilant to preserve their liberty.

Liberty image


Except where authorized by citizens through the Constitution, the government does not have the authority to limit freedom.

Rule of Law image

Rule of Law

Government and citizens all abide by the same laws regardless of political power. Those laws respect individual rights, are transparently enacted, are justly applied, and are stable.

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